So I guess it’s no secret that I love Mary Poppins. It’s pretty much the best movie ever made. You may think there are better movies, but you’re wrong. Mary Poppins is the best.
When I went to Disneyland, I only had one goal: FIND MARY AND BERT. I was so excited about it that all night I dreamt about Mary Poppins.

I was one of the first people in the gates and in line at City Hall, where you can find out what time the characters make an appearance.
Mary and Bert were going to be showing up in Town Square at 11 o’clock. I waited for like FOREVER!!
Finally 11:00 came.

Here’s us meeting, in slow-motion:
I got in a few good snuggles before I was ejected from the park.
I got to meet Mary, too! Here’s the evidence:
I am a lucky girl :)