Last week I said goodbye to my sister, who will be gone for the next 18 months. She’s off to serve a religious mission to Boston.
I’m going to miss her. I once mentioned I was looking for a cameo brooch, and she spent all day searching until she found the perfect one and bought it for me.

She’s always doing nice stuff like that.

Boston is very far away and exotic. I’ve learned a lot about Massachussetts these past few weeks. Like it’s north of Maryland. WHO KNEW?? Also, they have lobster there. I’ve never had lobster but I bet it tastes neat. Like eating a great big bug!

Their best-kept secret is the monster that lives in the waters there.
It’s the terror of Cape Cod.
It’s about the size of the Disneyland castle and it’s called Big Al because it has a face like Al Capone.
It also has teeth that shame the Dune Worm! When it catches lobster boats it tears them apart like twigs in a wood chipper.
One day, though, the lobster hunters will catch Big Al.
They’ll have to cook him in a hot springs because he’ll be too big for a pot.

No one will be able to afford eat him though. Except someone important, like the president maybe.
I told my sister though if she catches Big Al first, she must only use his powers for good!
She says she will.