Last Tuesday I took a tour through the Salt Lake County Building. It’s a pretty cool building.

It has a clock tower! The tour included going up into it! Man I was so excited. I don’t think the tour guides had ever seen anyone so eager beaver.

They definitely hadn’t seen anyone take a picture of the elevator wall.
This’ll make a great texture.
It was 13 floors up, all stairs. I loved the bronzey, burgundy green colors of the brick and metal.
On the way we toured the roof, too.
^^There was a brass plate inside that little turret with words, but no one knew what they read. I’m guessing it’s a hidden treasure map or something cool like that.

We made it! Here’s the part of the clock tower interior.

I love how the window is mullioned with ovals (not diamonds), and how there’s a push broom and boxes along the sides. I think it’s that mixing of distinct, artistic details and functionality that really makes a setting come alive.

The clocks were on all sides, but boarded. Still, I managed to peek the camera in between the wood and the glass.
We stuck around to hear it chime 12:30. Although the bells were right above us and super loud, they were mellow and didn’t hurt our ears at all. I could feel their chimes rumble the floor beneath me.
The building has some other neat stuff inside.
I really loved the staircases and balconies.
Tours are at 12 and 1 on Tuesdays during the summer, and they’re FREE!! It was awesome.