So lately I’ve been sketching at the zoo. It’s all right I guess. Always nice to get out where the furniture doesn’t talk to me.

The zoo’s been kinda having a rough time. Their animals are dropping dead. I’m okay with animals dying, I guess. They die in the wild all the time. The difference, though, is that in the zoo they don’t get poached or eaten alive. Instead they die of lame stuff. Like, swallowing a mitten.

The latest casualty was their little baby giraffe. *sniff*. After it died, I arrived at the zoo, sketchbook in hand. (Because as any artist knows, the best kind of animal is the one that doesn’t move.) Conversation between me and the ticket guy:
TICKET GUY: Have you seen our new little Siamese crocodile?
ME: Oh–no–but I heard your baby giraffe died! That’s so sad!
TICKET GUY: Yeah. Anyway, our Siamese crocodile…
I felt kind of bad for bringing it up. He probably had been getting flak from everyone about it. But honestly, I don’t know what they were trying to pull. A crocodile is NOT cuter than a giraffe!
Here was the giraffe (in honest-from-life sketches):
Yeah, and here was the Siamese crocodile:

It didn’t even have two heads! /cheated
Giving a shout-out to a storyboard artist’s blog I just discovered–Erik Benson! Check it out. He is super funny!