Church sketches. Uper fun.
I drew these on the Trax. I haven’t yet mastered the art of Drawing People So They Don’t Notice You. It’s unsettling to draw someone with big noses/cranky expressions, and then when they get up for their stop, see your sketchbook and tell you that they like it. Serious artist guilt. Maybe I should move to a meaner city?

Sidebar voting for Barbie’s next career has ended! It was a close one between Crocodile Hunter and Chimney Sweep (both worthy careers), but in the end, Crocodile Hunter won by one vote. Huzzah! Already I’m thinking of the ways to draw her, all of which involve scads of cadmium red. Right now things are tight with deadlines, but I won’t forget. Promise. Also bless you four people who voted her as a storyboard artist…my heroes…

Q: What do you get when you leave the roommates alone for five minutes?
This. This is what you get. Poor Dr. Doolittle.