I went to the zoo yesterday to sketch. The zoo is a great place to go in 30-degree weather. No one’s there!

Except a zookeeper or two in the distance. I think one hissed at me.

The baby elephant was super cute.The Lemurs looked really cold. They were all huddled on their branches. They hardly moved at all. Bonus!

Saw “Young Victoria” last night. It was so, sooooo good. Man I am such a sucker for girly victorian stuff. I’ve been giddy to see it for like forever. Conversation between me and the ticket girl:
ME: I’d like the showing for “Young Victoria” in 3D.
HER: That movie doesn’t come in 3D.
ME: Baaa haha! Hahahahaahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!
ME: Ha hahaha..er..haha..um. *cough cough*
I hate being reminded of what a dork I am.