For the Toon Club topic, “Mythology”, I decided to do a picture of my favorite childhood creature:

A unicentaurasus.

(Because if a centaur is awesome, then a centaur with wings is even awesomer, and if you add a horn, well. That’s awesomest.)
I tried to draw it when I was a kid; and gave up. So many appendages = kind of ridiculous. That’s a lot of limbs to pump blood to.MEANWHILE– announced the winner! AAAAAND…
YESSS!! She’s a video game designer! Thank you, blog friends. You did not let me down. (Although I did expect her to be dressed in like…pjs or something.) You’re the best. Voting on the sidebar here ends with the month, and I’m gonna draw whichever vote wins. Oh goody goody gumdrops for you!