These are a couple of t-shirt designs I did for my cousins’ elementary school. I’m posting them because, well. This is an art blog. I gotta post art things.
Now, the important stuff.
Barbie’s lame-o 2009 career (race car driver) is now at an end, and you can vote on her next career HERE. You can choose between a surgeon, news anchor, an architect, an enviromentalist. (An enviromentalist? I mean, really? Is that really a job?) And, a computer engineer who designs video games.
I think we all know what I voted for.
Voting ends February 12th and we can’t let Barbie end up as something lame! VOTE. LIKE, NOW. Tricky hint: you can refresh the page and vote over and over again. I’m paying 3 Peruvian orphans 25 cents an hour to do just that. If you’re afraid of being caught on the website (coward) then at least vote here on the sidebar. Barbie should have a COOL career, dang it!