The blog is 3 years old today. *kazoos*. New blog look. I’ve made lots of goals for this year, most of which I probably won’t keep. (ie, I have a goal to eat healthier, so I’m doing weight watchers. This means my hands are covered in bite marks. It can’t last. It’s either going to be the Moose Tracks or my arm.)
Yesterday, the Wendy’s across the street was robbed by a couple with a screwdriver…and a machete. I am not making this up. They duct-taped the employees and ran off with the till. And a medium fry.

It just proves the timeless principle: Real life is weird.

So now I’m inspired. I realized I need to make more goals I can actually keep. New goals:
1. Try all the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors
2. Spend hours staring at my feet
3. Avoid robbing a Wendy’s with a machete. No matter how hungry I am.
So far I’m doing really good! I like this New Years stuff.