I was nosing around in my parents’ basement, and found this:
It was one of those class projects where the teacher writes the text on the board, and you copy it down in your best handwriting. Then you can draw your own pictures. This was made either in third grade or in high school, I can’t tell with my art. Anyways, it was kind of cute. So here goes.
PAGE 1: “The pilgrims wanted a free country of their own. they left england and saild to America on the mayflower it had 102 people.”
If you can’t guess by the big flower on the boat, it’s printed on the sail. That’s the mayflower!
A bunch of little stick people are climbing the rigging. With umbrellas. ?
Oh, that explains it.
High wiyer. Very funny, little me.
PAGE 3: “The Pilgrims build one big house where they could all live the winter was cold they had a little food many got sick and died.”
Many chopped down trees:

The rest watched from the windows.
This pilgrim has a baby.

So does this one.
THIS pilgrim has two babies!

Lucky pilgrim!
Meanwhile, the self-empowered pilgrims went shopping.

Yes, folks. That is a shopping cart.
LAST PAGE: “The wonderful feast last 3 days they were thankful for a good harvest friends life and America!”
Aaaaaw! My teacher thought I made good art!
She didn’t ask why there was a baby stuck to the tree.
I don’t know why, either.