Wow, I can’t believe it’s November already. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. I dressed up like Barbie Princess Genevieve. I won’t post a picture on this blog. You’re welcome.

Lately I’ve been working on speedpainting. They’re good exercises. Some of what I speedpaint is nature, some of it is backgrounds from animated features. So, I thought it would be fun to have a quiz.

So here goes. What animated shows/features are these backgrounds from? (Hint: they are all Disney)



So like…good luck with it…especially #12. Whoever gets number 12 I will personally mail a package of ramen to their house. It’s that hard.

Time for shameless plug!
Shameless plug: I’ve created a livejournal speedpaint group! It’s called speedpainttrain. It’s really awesome. Really. Ok, so far the only person to post stuff has been…cough cough…well, me, actually, but I’m sure it will pick up once the word gets out. There are rules (like, 30 minutes on each, has to be from life or a picture) but anyone can join. So be awesome and join.