The software poll has ended! I see “the tears of baby orphans” won…you sickos.
Today’s post is a bit embarrassing, but here goes anyway. Last month it was my sister’s birthday so I made her into a paper doll. Making paper dolls is fun. Kinda barbie-esque. Staples has these magnet sheets you can print with, so you can stick the dolls
on your fridge. Anyway, while sis was cutting out her dolls, my other sister brought out her paper dolls, which I made for her about four years ago. Here they are side-by-side:
Er…you can prolly tell which one is which. It’s embarrassing because A) why haven’t I improved more? 4 years is a long time! and B) I made a bunch of paper dolls for people 4 years ago…those poor, poor people. I’ve already promised to make sis a new one. Still, there’s no telling that in four years I’ll be embarrassed by that, too. Maybe that’s what life is–catching up with your previous idiocies.
Wellllll at least I learned photoshop and lots of other stuff in that time. To end the post on a good note, something to start the Halloween season off with:
Big, big brownie points if the squid is actually Colonel Brandon.