This is a place of woe

This is a place
where all wicked children go
(“But this is our nursery!” “NO–this is OUR nursery!”)

Run Jane and Michael! Run!
Rooftop Duet. Mary and Bert sing a pretty duet of “Chim Chiminey”.
Step in Time is an interesting arrangement, much slower than the movie.

Mary Poppins and Mrs. Andrews have a sing-off. Mary Poppins wins. Mrs. Andrews gets trapped in a birdcage…and falls through the floor. (Mary Poppins, I love you.)
Also; a retro poster of Mary Poppins I found:

Mary Poppins in pink. I’m not quite sure what Bert is doing. Nifty, pop-out text and airbrushed background…disco Mary Poppins. Very cool.