Although beheaded over 200 years ago in The Great Jell-o Pudding Revolt, Princess Marie still drifts through the Palace, her head tucked under her arm and moaning things like, “Jiiiiiigglerrrrrsss! Jell-o Jigglerrrrrrssssss!” Long ago the Palace chefs gave up making pudding for the fancy balls, because someone would inexplicably get a fork in their eye. And then there was all the pudding on the ceiling to clean up.

Even now, if you taste pudding very slowly, you can feel Poltergeist Princess Marie’s wafty ghost try to slap it out of your mouth…

A (sort of) new Harry Potter 6 trailer. It looks so cool. I can’t wait.

Also, a podcast on how people can spontaneously combust.


I feel like I’m using the same brushes over and over in my paintings–mostly the cover pencils and smear blender. I like the matted look it gives but I kind of feel in a rut. Can anyone give me advice? What brushes do you all use?