This is a sketch I’ve had for a while, but haven’t had the time to paint. I love Conference. I did this with a Kei Acedera style in mind, but was only somewhat successful I think. It was still great fun. I’ve always wanted to draw a fairy with cankles.*

It’d be cool to do a picturebook about a fairy and her pet bugs. Like this:

Pg 1: “Fairies need to take good care of their pets.”
Pg 2: “They feed them…”
Pg 3: “They wash them…”
Pg 4: “They dry off their little buggy feet…”

Etc. Etc. Etc. until

Pg 32: “And then I woke up.”
“And then the alarm rang.”
“It’s not too bad. The walls are padded and I have to wear this weird jacket, but at least I get french fries every Tuesday!”
“Yes, Doris. It was I! I killed your father!”

My brother said the wing-to-head ratio made it impossible for her to fly. Like a bumblebee.

My nephew said she looked like Dora the Explorer. She kinda does…

*Cankles; n. : When your leg meets your foot without any definition of an ankle.**