I admit, I’ve always had a thing for Gargamel. He was so subtle! So mysterious! He must have had a tumultuous past that led him to a life of isolation, with only smurfs-in-cages for company. Do you know why he made Smurfette? To cause anarchy among the smurfs! What caused him to have such a low opinion of women?

I believe he was betrayed, many years before, by the love of his life. He dealt with the pain and horror by becoming a hermit in the forest, with only smurf-catching to distract his mind. What a romantic!

Oh, Gargamel, Gargamel, Gargamel! Mmmm!

Okay. Srsly.

This was for the Toon Club topic “Cartoon Crushes.” I posted it a month or two ago on Toon Club so prolly most of you have seen it. I’m posting it now because I heard the weirdest thing–are the smurfs Nazis?

Someone told me that they hate the show because it was anti-semite…Gargamel was a Jew, and the smurfs were Nazis. I had never noticed that before! Of course, the last time I saw the show was when I was 6. But still. I’m not sure if I believe it or not–Smurfs was animated in Belgium, and it doesn’t seem like they’d want to bring up the “Nazis are good guys” sort of theme. But who knows? It just occurred to me that Azrael is a Jewish name.