Queen Victoria, she was so cool. She was so feisty and passionate, I can totally see her as a steampunk mob boss, with dozens of robot butlers to do her bidding. Yeeeah girl power.

This was the final for Sebastian’s class. I am so lucky I got to take that class. I learned so much. Sebastian was an awesome teacher. This is how awesome Sebastian was: At the end of the final, he gave us each a DVD filled with part of his picture file, tutorials, and the intros of 80s cartoons. You cannot get cooler than that!

The final was a potluck, which was pure awesomeness. We each brought food. I brought a breakfast casserole. I’m not a real great cook and I think I must’ve cooked it too long, because it turned out kinda…well…stiff. In fact it was so stiff that when someone was dishing it up…the serving spoon snapped in half. D’oh! Next time I’ll bring a bag of chips. You can’t mess up a bag of chips.