A few years ago, a took a creative writing class from Lisa Hale. If any of you BYU students get the chance, be sure to take from her. She’s incredible. One of our first assignments was to enter the Highlights for Children magazine contest. (You know, hidden pictures, goofus & gallant…dentist’s office…) I had just learned the story my great-aunt, who lived in Holland during WWII, and how she ran to see her father at the train station. She ended up being out past curfew, and was caught by a German soldier. Although the soldiers had orders to shoot anyone out past curfew, he walked her home instead. I thought it was a sweet story.

I Christmas-ified and Highlight-ified the story and sent it off. I thought for sure they’d throw it out (I mean, the dad’s going to a labor camp. Depressing.) but 4 months later, I found out it had won! Woa. That was in June of ’06. Now, Dec. 08, it’s in their new issue. Sweet. And illustrated by a very talented artist, Matt Faulkner.

Today, dentists’ offices. Tomorrow…the world!