A couple of posts ago I mentioned The Paper Project, which is a collaborative comic book that has the running theme, paper. It’s very cool. (Well I think so anyways.) I was in the middle of developing a story about paper cranes and origami, when I came across the story of Helmuth Hubener.

Helmuth, who was 16, lived in Hamburg during WWII and listened to the BBC German broadcast, which was forbidden. The BBC told the news of the war that the Wehrmachtsbericht (German Armed Forces News) did not. Helmuth realized that the government was lying to them. Helmuth and his two friends, Rudi Wobbe and Karl-Heinz Schnibbe, refused to stand by. For nine months after curfew they hid papers all over Hamburg with the real news of the war. It’s a great story and I became even more excited when I discovered that the papers they spread were bright red. Awesome! Shameless colorpicking with a WWII poster gave me the color scheme, and Bryan Beach helped me get over the fear of using “acid” colors. Jim (little bro) also helped me a lot with the German words and places, since he’s lived in Hamburg & he knows.

This was a fun project and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.