Well this is weird. I’ve been reading a book called The Encyclopedia of Useless Information, and under “Boleyn, Anne” this is what it says:

“After Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536, her heart was stolen. It was discovered exactly three hundred years later, buried under a church organ in Suffolk.”

What the–what the heck?? What were they doing digging around an old church organ? Why was the heart left there? Why was it stolen? And how in the world did they know it was hers? And why hadn’t it decomposed by then? Was it, like, pickled or something? “Oh, gosh, what’s that smell? It’s coming from under the church organ! Holy moly it’s Anne Boleyn’s heart! So that’s where it went! We were wondering! Oh and look, someone also left canned peaches!”

Weird. I’m really curious about this, but not curious enough to actually do some research. That’s work. So I drawed instead. :)

In other news…”Barbie and the Diamond Castle” comes out Sept. 9th. It looks awful. I’m still gonna see it. Barbie movies are so much like abusive boyfriends. They’re terrible, but I keep going back to them.