I went home for the weekend, and found the very first journal I’d ever written in. In an entry titled “March 21 1990 wensday” I wrote, “Now I can Draw very good! can you Draw a laDy? turn to the other page.” And on the next page was this. All right, I was only 7, so I’m okay with the stick legs, the frog face, and the two right hands. I’m not sure what’s coming out of her mouth there. Anyways, the entry ends with “I can draw very good and that’s privet!” I wonder if I was that conceited in real life. I can draw very good…compared to a patagonian monkey. Or a class of first graders. I didn’t get out much back then. :D

I got a chance last week to take a sketchbook trip to the zoo. Ya it was fun! I only have red and grey prismacolors, so the macaw was my fav. Here’s something funny, though–all throughout the zoo were signs, everywhere, saying things like “Zookeepers wanted!” and “Job shadow a zookeeper!” and “Be a part of the zookeeper experience!” So, either they’re not paying enough or no one wants to clean up poop. I thought it ironic they had a sign on the chimpanzee cage. 10 years ago, the chimps escaped, hunted down a zookeeper, and ate him. (You guys remember that, right? They really did!) Later that day I was eating lunch at the Grossly Overpriced Grizzly Cafe when two zookeepers walked by, deep in conversation.

ZOOKEEPER 1: …And then I couldn’t reach into it’s cage, you know, because it was trying to strike, I mean, it was poised to strike and everything, it had already tried twice…

ZOOKEEPER 2: Oh, I totally hate it when that happens.

I don’t think I’ll send in my resume anytime soon.