Or, as they say at BYU, Happy Singles’ Awareness Day. I made this picture for Kim Campbell, in exchange for a hat she made for me. It’s really pretty, I wished I had taken a picture of it. Thanks Kim!

The colors & lighting on this are a little funky, I’ll have to fiddle with it before I print it out. Still I think it turned out alright.

On an unrelated note, last week Senator Romney dropped out of the Presidential race.

This post isn’t to talk about politics, though. This post is to talk about how *hot* Mitt Romney is. Look at him! That man is a severe hottie.

Not a good picture…it looks like the star is poking out of his head.

Actually, Mitt and I are related. It’s true! He’s my uncle’s mother’s cousin. So we’re tight like sprite, you see. And I’m really disappointed that I’m not gonna get that extended-extended-related-by-marriage family reunion at the white house. Oh well. Maybe in 4 years.

Romney 2012! He has nice hair!