One of the best things about General Conference (besides the eyebrow-waxing girl party) is the time spent listening. This was my first Conf with my good friend, Mr. Wacom. We had jolly good hours together, painting and listening. I used it to make this.

The concept of this story comes from wondering what sort of princess would be playing with a gold ball…probably a young one.* And then I wondered what sort of frog would fetch a ball provisionally.** The rest of the story just unfolded in my head. I’ve made a no-words picture book dummy for it but I’m debating whether to work on it or not…I’m not sure I’m good enough yet. Still, this was sure a lot of fun!

Of all my painter projects, this one took the longest. Around 15 or 16 hours, I think. Phew.

*C’mon, we all know the old princesses play with gold mascara cases.
**A jerk.


The picture above is one with the brightness and colors contrast fiddled with. This is the original one. It shows up really pretty on my laptop, but on my work computer it looks a little blah. Hmm.