Toon Club’s topic for this week was “The Last Unicorn.” Naturally I drew boy scouts. They tend to have a shorter lifespan than girls.

This brings up the subject of how to properly roast a marshmallow. The best way is to turn it continuously, a decent distance away from the flames, until it’s an even golden brown. My brother, on the other hand, turned his into a burning mound of ash every time. And then he’d eat it! He said it tasted good. Personally, I think he:

A) Didn’t know how to keep it from catching on fire

B) Liked to gross his sisters out

C) Actually did think it tasted good. (Tom also ate his cold cereal with a fork, so…maybe that’s just Tom.)

I don’t like camping but a good roast marshmallow can be had using a fork and a stove. It’s also much easier to keep it from catching on fire.