This was an exercise for Toon Club. The topic was “Secret Agents,” and I thought about it so hard I think I created a monster . Train of thought: Somehow I got thinking about the Scarlet Pimpernel (who is a secret agent, right?) and there’s a part in the movie where he’s propped up in the inside of a hollow tree, saving the marqui prince. So this is kind of like that, except it’s with evil Musketeers and mutineers and Versailles and a doll named Cosette. (Naming the doll was very important.) And, wah-lah, here’s “Saving the Princess.”
This was so marvelously fun to do. ‘Coz it has a story to it! I was working on a waterfall last week but lost interest because it was just a waterfall. Nothing was happening. Boring. Maybe that’s why I like storyboarding so much. Things happen!
That’s all I guess.