“Barbie as The Island Princess” comes out today. I’m excited–probably more excited than I should be. I like princess movies. And this one’s a musical, to boot. If Pixar did a princess musical they’d probably, I dunno, drop down dead or something. They’re not good at that stuff.

My ultimate dream job would be to storyboard for the Barbie movies. I think they’ve got a lot of potential and could really have some good stuff happen in them. I’d love to help on it. I don’t think it will happen, though–Canadian film companies won’t hire Americans. I’ve heard it’s because the government subsidies the companies that hire Canadians. So maybe I’ll have to marry a Canadian. Although that seems morally wrong, marrying so I can work on a Barbie movie.

Just as well. Jason Kim tells me that Mainframe Entertainment is a real sweatshop. But that won’t stop me from buying the movie and singing along! The world needs more princess movies, that’s what I say.